Lesson Fees (updated May 2020)

30m weekly lesson: $135/mo 

45m weekly lesson: $182/mo

60m weekly lesson: $230/mo

  • Monthly fees are due August 1 through May 1. 
  • We accept PayPal, e-transfer, and cheques.

This fee covers a minimum of 34 weekly lessons, scheduled beginning at the end of of August and finishing by the end of June, plus extras*. Recitals, festivals, workshops, group lessons, and other events and projects that we provide are also included in the total number of lessons. The fee is a monthly subscription to all the musical resources of our studio. 

Students who register and pay for lessons with us through other organizations that we are affiliated with (University of Alberta, Society for Talent Education, Edmonton Suzuki Flute & Recorder Society) may have to pay an additional fee in order to participate in some Schoen Duo Studio events.

*Extra lesson days: 

We schedule several extra lesson days every year. These are days when the regular weekly teaching schedule does not apply, and any student can sign up at any time for a lesson. These days are intended to provide rescheduling opportunities for scheduling conflicts or extra lessons in the event that a lesson is missed for reasons that qualify according to the applicable attendance policy. Student families are responsible for booking lessons on extra lesson days if they need or want extra lessons.

More or fewer lessons: It is possible for students to receive more than the set number of lessons for the year if they take advantage of all the extra lesson days and anticipate scheduling conflicts by booking extra lessons in advance. We do not charge extra for surplus lessons – these lessons are our bonus to you for being conscientious about scheduling and proactive about working around scheduling conflicts. On the other hand, it is possible for students to receive fewer than the set number of lessons if they miss multiple lessons without taking responsibility for notifying us in advance and scheduling extra lessons on the days allotted for that purpose. We do not give refunds or make up for outstanding lessons at the end of the year.

Studio Fee: We charge each family a studio fee of $60 for the year. This fee covers your membership in the Suzuki Association of the Americas, your participation in the SAA Parents As Partners On Line video series, as well as access to all of the teaching material we develop.

We’re in this together for the long term: Our interest in your development as a musician, and your relationship with us as your music teachers, will last for many years. Some years you may receive more than the set number of lessons, other years fewer. Over the long term, it will all work out. We prefer this long term view, providing extra lessons on call, to tallying up instructional minutes. And don’t forget that the practice time you invest in at home will increase the productivity of your instructional time more than any number of extra lessons.